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EVA camera bag

Product Name: EVA packaging box, glasses case
Specification color: The company specializes in making all kinds of EVA molded products: EVA bag, EVA bag, EVA toy, EVA gun style is generous and novel, can be sampled or designed to be customized (personalized design, you can decide the shape and design color)
Material: EVA
Advertising printed lettering: monochrome / two-color printing, multiple colors
Packing method: single into an OP plastic bag sealing, appropriate amount into an outer box
Delivery object: for packaging
Product performance: EVA packaging product material is fine structure, smooth surface, soft and elastic. Has a good shock, wear, anti-friction effect. Can effectively protect your products from damage. It can be made into products of different specifications and different shapes. The surface can also be silk-printed with the patterns required by customers. There are many colors and hardnesses for customers to choose from, which can perfectly package your various products. Welcome to call us to order ~!