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Why do high-end packaging like EVA materials?
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 1928 Views | Share:
EVA materials are widely used in high-grade decorative materials. EVA itself has high elasticity, softness and chemical resistance. It also means that it plays an important role in the packaging industry, but Dangdang can't be so popular because of these cans. In fact, EVA materials have many advantages.

First, the sealed short-selling structure can ensure that it does not absorb water during use and plays a role in moisture prevention.

Second, the EVA material has no joint problem, so we can process it by cutting, hot pressing, gluing, and so on.

Third, the material itself has the function of heat insulation and cold protection, ensuring that the transportation or placement process occasionally needs to be exposed to extreme cold.

Nowadays, our living standards have been improving. Everyone is paying more and more attention to the requirements of packaging. Good packaging people will feel more high-end. Many merchants do not value the price when ordering packaging. Better packaging can make consumption. Those who are more accepting such products.
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