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How to choose a highly protective computer bag
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 1758 Views | Share:
Programmers, editors, operations, sales, etc. use computers at work very frequently. For convenience, they will bring their own computers to and from work. The computer itself is a vulnerable item in the collision, in the way of commuting. Inevitably, I will encounter some bumps. I can choose better packaging to better protect the computer. The EVA material has a good performance in the computer package. The premise is that you choose the right one. Here is how to choose a protective one. High EVA material computer bag.

First of all, look at the protection of the material. The protection of the EVA material depends mainly on the density and thickness. This can be easily touched directly by the user. It is also remembered that the quality of the EVA material has no odor. It also includes other materials for the computer bag. It smells like a chemical that is not good for the human body.

The external material of the computer bag should also pay attention to it. The protection of EVA material has not been achieved in many aspects. This is to be assisted by external materials, such as the wear resistance and waterproofness of the computer bag. If the external leather is very good, I can handle it well. Daily use.

For office supplies, work must be checked clearly, good computer bag work is very good, we rarely see the wire head on the hand, the pressure line on the corner is very neat, in short, we get the hand If you look at a circle, you won't find anything wrong.

One important issue to note here is the zipper. Many people don't pay attention to this problem. Basically, we have to switch the computer bag at least 4 times a day. It is very important that the zipper is smooth and without resistance. If you try it for the first time, you will feel the zipper. Caton, this problem will be infinitely expanded in the future.
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