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Warmly celebrate the joy of Shenzhen AoYeMei Technology Co., Ltd.
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 2268 Views | Share:
The address of AoYeMei Technology Co., Ltd. was changed to: Building 104, Pinghuan Industrial City, Pingshan New District, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Welcome new and old customers and friends to visit our factory!

During this period of time, the company was all up and down. With the joint efforts of Aomeimei and the small partners, Aomeimei Technology Co., Ltd. finally succeeded in entering the new home. The environment in the industrial zone is still much better than before. Whether it is the office environment or the factory environment, it is bigger and clearer than before. There are two sets of data withdrawal: the office area has increased from 100 square meters to more than 600 square meters, and the factory has 500 square meters, which has increased to 2,000 square meters. To be honest, the scale has been expanded several times. Beauty kisses and friends are feeling more and more pressure. But come back and think about it, since the boss decided to expand the scale, it is definitely the effect now, and our marketing department is also indispensable!

Therefore, the new environment, the new beginning, the Austrian beauty kiss style should work harder to do a good job in e-commerce, more orders, the company is developing better and better, more and more strong, and finally wish Aomei Technology Co., Ltd. The move of the house, the company work together to create a better future!