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What are the differences between EVA materials and rubber?
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 2472 Views | Share:
Some people often compare our EVA with rubber. Both materials have certain elasticity. It is typical to see these two products on the shoes. Especially the slippers now have a lot of sports shoes used in EVA, such as recently A certain brand of fire shoes is useful to EVA, and friends who like to study shoes should be familiar.

Comparison of the two materials, EVA is a compound, the product is relatively easy to deform and aging, but especially the quality is good, some poor EVA will have some unpleasant smell. Rubber is relatively more wear-resistant and softer, but it is prone to aging.

If it is applied to the sole, rubber can be used directly for shoes. Although EVA can also be used, we used the EVA material for the flip-flops, but the abrasion resistance and rubber contrast are much worse. Usually, the use of EVA material for the sole will add a layer of other material to the bottom, and the house EVA will be worn when it touches the ground.

As a new material, the EVA sole can also have a good shock absorption effect without air cushion in time. This is something that other materials can't achieve. As a sole, it usually needs to be processed by foaming technology, so as a professional sports shoe. It is not too soft and has a good shock absorption effect.

The comparison of these two materials is actually beneficial. If you choose, you need to look at your own needs to decide.