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How to choose the color of EVA
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 1957 Views | Share:
EVA refers to a packaging material. It is said that the appearance of the packaging must be good. When choosing, in addition to the shape, the color is also very important. The early EVA is mostly white, and the way of processing now. More and more, the color of EVA has become more and more.

We will tell you that the color is very important when choosing packaging materials. This is a deep knowledge. In general, we will look at the color of the packaging of the goods. I think many products in the market think that The merchant did not choose the color of the EVA material, so I can see that the EVA packaging and the product itself are not very suitable, so the user's shopping desire will be reduced, which will also affect the sales of the goods, normal situation I Will choose the color of the goods package and the goods have a commonality above.

The existence of the two colors will be a contrasting relationship, which is very important for everyone who wants to choose the package, but this is also a very difficult thing to grasp. In addition to the basics we have to choose The understanding of color also requires a good aesthetic ability, so that we can buy our packaging materials.

The EVA material with color at the time of selection is definitely higher than the color without color. We have to measure it when buying. If the price is too much, we have no specific needs, then we might as well buy it. The solid color EVA material is good.