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Now EVA materials are used more and more widely
Source: | Author:szaoye | Published time: 2019-04-22 | 1906 Views | Share:
Nowadays, various production techniques are progressing, which makes many new materials appear in front of us. For example, the current EVA material, which is produced by using vinyl acetate copolymer, is produced by high-pressure bulk polymerization and Solution polymerization or emulsion polymerization. This also makes the quality of the produced EVA extremely excellent, especially in the places where it is used. For example, EVA granules can be made into various EVA sheets, and then processed according to the demand, such as the packaging lining of some products. Hot pressing can be made into soles, etc. This is why we say that EVA is used in a wide range of materials.

Due to the emergence of EVA, the price of many sports shoes and running shoes has begun to decline, and the performance and comfort of the shoes have improved a lot. It is also necessary to say that the material of EVA is biodegradable, even if we put It is thrown away or burned, and it will not harm the environment.

It is precisely because EVA this material is so excellent, so many hardware, electronics, toys and other industries have chosen it, because of its soft, compressive, shockproof, anti-skid performance, like a mobile phone case, refrigerator duct, gas EVA is used in cans and so on.

Household appliances and daily necessities such as civil construction panels, containers, etc. can be used for packaging. Even the demanding medical equipment has chosen it, and many things use traditional packaging to meet the requirements we want. EVA also has good flame retardancy, so many electrical appliances such as semiconductors will use it, but also because of this performance, many industries and manufacturing industries like to use EVA, we can very seriously say that now life and industrial production is Can't live without EVA.